Waypedia Podcast is now live on Spotify, Google Play and more!

Hi Waypedia community! More than ever, thousands of developers a day come to our blog and YouTube channel for advice and help. In an effort to make things simpler and more accessible we’ve decided to triple down on our media content for at least 1-2 post a week.

Our CEO will be working hard to give you the latest on the app business world and help you build your business. Just for those who doesn’t know, Ariel Porchera has been in the industry for over 10 years and spoke with thousands of developers a month giving him a good picture of what most of them are looking forward to.

The podcast will be updated often, giving you freedom to listen to it while driving, coding or at the gym.

You can know listen Ariel’s Podcast any time by searching “Waypedia” on Spotify, Google play, iTunes or Anchor.

Don’t forget to subscribe to all our channels and leave questions so we can work on them 🙂

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