Persistence is the key to success

Persistence Guarantees that Results are inevitable”.

We all want results. We fail and sometimes quit. Is this a good thing? Certainly Not! But how easy it is to say! To get the desired results we need two ‘Ps’, viz:

  1. Patience
  2. Persistence

Patience and Persistence can be used interchangeably but there is a tad difference between both the terms. Patience requires us to be cool and composed whereas persistence requires us to stick and keep fighting.

Those who persevere hard always win.

Hello Everyone!

“Hello Everyone!” for an introduction?! Well, Yes.

I was pumped; I was recording a video for almost two hours! And there you go! I find something which isn’t very nice to gulp down. I recorded video after video only to realize that the microphone wasn’t working! Poor me!

With all this I am restarting everything here again, so, Hello Everyone!

Moral: Persistent. We have to be Persistent, every time that is what our life wants from us.

What does being persistent mean?

Being persistent is the most important thing. You are ought to be persistent. No matter what you do, what you bring along, there is no replacement of persistence. For instance, I went on hours and hours just to find that the things haven’t worked because I forgot to turn on my microphone. Being persistent is the key to success. Talent without persistence is half the batter made.

It’s not just talent, it’s not just money, it’s not just being superbly gifted with the best idea ever because most of the things and the work and the time that have to be put into the project wouldn’t work if just try them one or two times. Being persistent is putting in continuous amounts of hard work that happens every day, day after day until you make it.

Does being persistent complete everything?

No, obviously not. One cannot be all and end all by being persistent. You have to be talented, skilled and smart. Yes, persistence is required at each and every level. You may be smart, talented and skilled but then you quit early, you will never finish the task.

One more thing which is very important is that you have to like your work. There was this famous tagline from a reputed cellular brand, “do what you love, love what you do”. If you do not like the project that you are working on then you are never going to reach the finish line. You cannot expect yourself to be persistent with something which you do not like.

Sometimes we do something, because it is the ‘normal’ as defined by our society. We do it because the society expects us to do it. For example, the society says that “Everyone needs to be pretty; therefore, I will force myself to be pretty!” You will end up trying hard to look pretty but eventually you will quit. Why? This is because you are forcing yourself to be something which you do not really want to be.

The very same thing starts to happen with a project that you are doing. You start doing a project because everyone else is doing it but then you don’t want to do it. After a certain period of time you will stop enjoying the work and quit. You try to impress people that you don’t care but certainly you fail as there is lack of persistence.

What do I do?

In my case, I definitely try and work on things which I like. Being a human, I, too have my downsides. Sometimes I feel not working hard as much as I do on other days, but, this is pretty normal. At the end of the day I am pushing myself to make it happen and be persistent.

Whatever I am today, the apps that I have made, the success which I have achieved would not have been there had I have not been persistent day in day out.

I am a strong believer of the fact that whether it’s a project or anything that you do needs to be greater than the money involved in it. You are not here to feed your ego or trying to be famous. It’s more than that.

Give it an honest and hard try

If you love something then do give it a hard and honest try. They say, “If your success was earned through hard work and honesty then never apologize for it”.

You want to succeed then you need to focus on quality rather than on quantity. You cannot be happy by giving two minutes or one hour of your time daily. Success requires you to work hard and work smart. It is very, very tough. You got to give it all that it takes. You must be tired at the end of the day. That satisfaction of work will take away all your lethargy and will motivate you to work even more.

You must be able to tell yourself, that I have worked a lot. Yes, I have accomplished so much today! This is only done when you are honest with yourself and give it a hard try.

Only persistence takes you far and only with hard work and “never say quit” attitude you can succeed. The app business is a specialist which checks your patience every day. You are not successful, no matter what your idea is or how talented you are. You succeed only when keep trying with honesty and persistence.


Any business in the world requires a lot of skill, knowledge and hard work. The persistence factor is the ultimate factor which decides your fate. The app business requires a little extra of it. It has its own ups and downs but the persistent campaigners have never seen a failure.

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