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Every app developer is looking to rank his app higher in the list and is engaging various tools and methods to get a better position in the market. Having a large user base is the foremost and biggest step to have an established and well positioned app.

We at Waypedia have already achieved a user base of over 1 million with our successful app install campaign. This time around we are launching a first of its kind service to boost app installs and get your app ranked higher in no time and this service will include keyword based installations. Keyword installations let you choose particular keywords and tweak the search bar of the app store and drive massive traffic.

This is the first time a company is coming up with such type of installation and we can assure you that your apps are going to rank absolutely well once you try it. Let us take you through a series of questions and answers to clear all your queries.

What is keywords install and how will it work?

Keywords install will include the usage of certain keywords which users are going to type while searching for an app. Keyword install will ensure that your app is popped up in the top list. In the case of normal installations we provide users with some incentives to install the app but here we will rather focus on getting the app in the top search list. After that it will depend on the app’s presentation to get clicked and downloaded.

Users search for an app with some keyword, what we will do is that we will get the most commonly used keyword for every type of app and link it with your particular app. Ranking increase will depend on the keyword competition. There are keywords which have lesser competition and are easy to rank with just 500 downloads a day, for a few days whilst others require a higher volume and time frame.

ONLY CONDITION: your app must be listed under the given keyword.

How to get started?

Your app must be bug free and should have a catchy ICON along with a solid ASO description. The app needs to be listed on search results when we search for the desired keyword for this to work. You cannot change the ASO and ICON throughout the campaign.

What price do I need to pay for top 10 search results?

At Waypedia, we cater everyone’s need and have products for all types of budgets. We can achieve a top 10 position with less than 1k downloads a day but it will solely depend on keyword frequency. Casino games, social networks and RPG have a very tough competition when it comes to keywords. What we recommend is to start with a 500 keyword installs a day and then gradually increase it to 1k installs.

How long will I have to wait to see the results?

It generally takes 2-3 days to get your app ranked, but even then if we don’t get the desired results we need to increase the volume figures per day.

Is this a white hat or black hat technique?

It is a white hat technique! These are going to be real users who will search for your app using the desired keyword, that’s why a good ICON design and ASO description is of utmost need.

Will the top 10 ranking stay for long?

This will totally depend on the app. If the overall design and description fails to entice the user and the app remains uninstalled then it will become difficult to keep your hold.

Keyword installs

How can I get started?

You can get in touch with us 24×7 through our live chat support on this same page or click here to start:

This is a new product which we are offering and we take immense pride to tell you that we are the first ones to provide such service at low costs. There are thousands of companies which provide you with app install but we have come up with a service which has keyword search along with installations. You can definitely let go off all the worries regarding installs and trust us with getting your app ranked higher with an all new product.

Want to see how to set up a keywords campaign? Check our updated video tutorial:

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