August/September 2015 Waypedia’s upgrades

Hi there! This month is very exciting for us and we hope is that for you too! We will be upgrading Waypedia accounts with some new features starting 21st. Here are the list of few of them:

Push notifications. All campaigns will now have an automatic system that will push notifications to our all user base if it running too slow. This might not be the ultimate solution but it will help to kick faster.

Improved dashboard flow. You might didn’t noticed yet but we were releasing small changes all over the site since July, improving from a more secure payment processors, smarter warnings to faster site load.

Target regions. Tired of selecting different countries manually? We have organized most popular regions and targeting for you so you can just do it in less than 5 seconds! You will be available to select Spanish countries or English speakers ones with ease.

More traffic. We all know that if your campaign is running slow or there is not enough traffic you can just go to Waypedia X and we’ll set up a campaign for you. Still not quite useful for those want full control and less than 1k’s downloads campaigns. That’s why we are expanding our network and releasing new offerwalls and publishing deals to get more traffic, so you don’t need to look anywhere else.

Track downloads on your Google Analytics. Soon you will be available to track Waypedia’s downloads on your Google Analytics! We will send a string to your Google analytics account so you can know from where the traffic is coming from.

Automatic campaign termination. Was your app was suddenly unpublished and you didn’t even know it? Your app is not targeting the right audience? Waypedia will automatic terminate any campaign that is not getting enough downloads so you can target the right audience and know if a campaign is working or not.

Invoice system. Get invoice with all your company details in seconds!

And more!

Have a question about mobile advertising? Please reach us on chat support!

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