Your Single Biggest Mistake When Starting An App Business

App entrepreneur is quite a popular term among many of us. Having your own app gives you a great platform to set up a successful career where you make a lot of money as well as create a product which is of high utility. It is indeed great to go out and create something related to technology as that is where the future belongs. The problem starts when you end up committing certain mistakes and make a blunder of your app.

One of the biggest single mistake which a new app developer or as we popularly call them app entrepreneurs makes is to focus solely on making money fast, now, under any circumstances no matter if the app is well designed or not. We can break this on 3 inter-related mistakes and have a cascading effect, where one mistake leads to the other and then the whole process turns out to be a failure. Let’s take a look at these:

1. Too much focus on monetization: this is a common human problem, we want things and we want them fast. Apps are known to give plenty of monetization opportunities once they are popular and this is why most of the new app developers have concentrated too much on getting quick money with such apps. Too much of focus on monetization leads to ignorance on how your product is actually performing. You start concentrating on advertisements, valuation of the company and do anything to get new clients or customers. This is where one loses focus on the product which leads to an overall poor app and its productivity.

2. Copy clones of already existing apps: You see a new app and all of a sudden you realize that this is quite an uncommon app and that there is an opportunity to make a similar one; you end up making the second mistake. There are apps which are quite uncommon but even then they are in plenty. This is 2016 and making the same old app won’t do. Nobody likes to install the same thing once they get it in the form of a similar app before. You must rather concentrate on making something new and unique. Even if you look around you will find that the original app has 100 times more download than a copied one.

3. Lack of proper planning: lastly, the lack of proper planning regarding the marketing strategies, funding strategies and soft launch hurts your app even more. New app entrepreneurs are busy making plans regarding the monetization area and thus important decisions relating to marketing, funding and launch are overlooked. The first mistake of too much focus on monetization leads to this one. This is where an app starts approaching its end. As a new app developer one must concentrate on doing each and everything in the right proportion, too much of anything leads to an abrupt end. Ask any of the successful app developer and they will warn you about these three mistakes.


Overlooking these 3 mistakes would prove to be another major mistake! One must concentrate on getting the basics right initially and then proceed with monetization. Once you have a great and saleable product then monetization will come automatically. You need to promote your app among the right audience and at the right time and also keep in mind that you have something unique to offer. These things will ensure that your app thrives in the long run.


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