Why you shouldn’t take too long to develop an App

In our previous article we discussed about the three biggest mistakes an app entrepreneur make, viz, too much of focus on monetization, copying the same old concept and improper planning. So here is the big question which is lingering inside your brains: is taking too much of time to develop an app the correct thing to do? Well, in this article we will answer this question and tell you about the right chord which you have got to hit.

I am a perfectionist and I need time!

This is the first thing an enthusiast app entrepreneur would say. Yes, perfection is very much important; you should never rush through anything so quickly that you actually end up building a baseless product. But, we all know that too much of anything is never good and this is where the problem actually starts: if you are taking too much of time to develop an app you are certainly not doing everything correctly.

Let’s discuss more on this. You started developing an app maybe in the summers of 2015 and planned to launch it in a couple of months but that didn’t turn out well, you needed a lot more stuff on the graphics, sounds and other stuff and decided to procrastinate the launch by another few months. Once you start delaying the product launch your idea becomes stale by the time you actually hit the market. New players with even better and maybe modern ideas join the line and there are chances that they might topple you with their app.

Shall I speed up the process?

Yes, that is what we are saying, you need to push your limits and speed up the entire process. Execution is the key. Market scenarios are going to change soon, costs are going to escalate and people will have newer needs, so you need to hit the platform just at the right time.

What is the right time?

Once you have created something  a user would be able to use, you are ready to go about it. Super Mario is a classic example; this is one game which has been played by one and all. It is a very simple game and if you notice you do not need to do much apart from toggling the character from right to left and sometimes jump and dodge certain objects. This is it, people love it and the same is the case with your app. Once your app is usable you should launch it. After a certain period of time you can certainly upgrade it as per you “perfection senses”!

Delaying the launch so that you can invest more in the sounds, HD graphics, UI, UX etc diverts your funds towards the development of your app. There is then a shortage of funds for marketing and advertising the app and this whole thing leads to a poor launch. Plus, when you do some soft launch can help you spots bugs and functions that user might never use and save you tons of time.


Do not take too long to launch your app. Make it simple initially so that everyone can use it and gradually change the levels, graphics, functions, etc. so that people cope up with it. Taking too much time will also wash out your funds and you would not be left with the appropriate amount to market your product. Perfection is not important at early stages, an app business is a long term one and it requires perfection at later stages. Watch the full video bellow for more details!

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