Why it’s easy to rank an iOS app as compared to an Android app?

When it comes to market share amongst smart phone users, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the leaders. Both Android and iOS come up with an excellent operating system which makes the usage of mobile phones altogether exclusive and captivating. A huge market base of users using iOS and Android has pushed thousands of app developers across the world to come up with great and highly useful apps.

App developers have always had to face stern competition and this led to losing out on a strong user base. Most of the people end up downloading apps which are top ranked. The Google Playstore or iOS’s App Store are the places where people get their apps, games and other utility items. Now whenever the end user is browsing through apps or games, he would surely end up installing a higher ranked app. This issue does not let small players to fight through the competition.

If you happen to be an app developer developing apps for both iOS and Android, then here is a detailed article to let you know about the easiness of getting an iOS app ranked well as compared to its Android counterpart.

The Developmental Costs


IOS apps are significantly cheaper to develop. An iOS app will cost around 35% less than what you to spend for an Android app. The main reason for this is the amount of time required to develop an app. Android apps require almost 2-3 times more time than iOS apps for development. What it means is that you can rather use that part of cost to improvise your app. A better app automatically gets a stronger hand. Most of the Android apps are a bit poor at their nascent stages.

Demographics and Reach

Now the next big thing about rankings is the type of audience or user base. Generally, iOS users are from more financially stable countries and have a better level of technological ease as compared to Android users. This ensures that the end users are pretty much genuine and are actually getting the best of the apps. As a developer you must know the importance of having users who are genuine and actually get the most out of your app. A genuine like or appreciation definitely ranks up an app higher.

Approvals and Competition

A very infamous thing about Android apps is that they get approved easily by Google, now this means that whoever develops an app for Android is going to get a sure shot approval. This increases the competition between app developers. A great amount of competition never really lets your app blossom. In case of iOS getting an app approved is quite difficult. They have a stern system which makes quite a few checks before your app goes live. This means that there are lesser apps and hence a lesser amount of competition.


Google lets you have offerwalls. Offerwalls somewhat ensure that users are getting continuous offers or incentives to download new apps. This means that users keep on downloading new apps for the rewards that they get. Here, the amount competition again shoots up and developers see their ranks getting hampered. In case of Apple, they do not allow offerwalls; this means people do not download apps just because of the incentives. The user base is a bit smaller and thus competition is not as fierce as Android.

These were some of the reasons why it’s a bit easier for developers to get their iOS apps ranked better than Android apps. There are several other factors as well which include application features, hardware capacity, time engaged while using an application, the OS version on the user’s mobile phone. People having an iPhone have an upper hand in terms of having better hardware configuration and this enables them to have a hassle free app experience. iOS is a bit more stable and flexible than Android and this lets developers experiment with new things and make the user experience even more engaging. Apps on iOS automatically end up having better ranks easily than Android with so many features and facilities.

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