Waypedia 2.0

Hey dear developer and advertiser! We have great news for you! After several weeks, we’re finally ready to release the second phase of beta.waypedia.com and you will love it.

Some of the features are implemented from the server side, but we are still testing out some of the new features.

What is done:

– Waypedia platforms are 100% blocked from popular emulators where users can fake accounts and bots. Yep, only 100% real users. We are the only company on the planet doing this.
–  We have increased security flaws and also server speed.

What is coming next Wednesday:

– Targeted installs. You will be able to target from which country your installs will come.
– Edit campaigns. You will be able to edit campaigns at any time. Add more installs, change the amount of installs per day, and more!
– Smart campaigns termination. Was your campaign unpublished from Google play without any warning? Are users not installing your app? Waypedia will notify you and terminate your campaign so you won’t be spending money and time on unnecessary actions.
– Better flow for “My campaign” section. Need to search for your app faster? Want to see only your active campaigns? This kick ass redesign will blow your mind. Well… maybe not too much, but you will love it.

– And much more!

What is coming in September?

We can’t tell you all the details, but basically you will have more features for a stronger, faster and better campaign than ever! You will be able to get real time feedback from our users, free, better and comprehensive real time stats, and much more!

Reach us on the live chat support to find out more!

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