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Social Advocacy App: One Of The Must Haves For This Year

Once you have read the title, we are sure that you must have understood the emphasis which we are laying on having a social advocacy app. Social media is rising and rising quite magnanimously, therefore, this is just the right time to step in to creating an app which brings people from all zones and hubs to share their views, ideological, dilemmas and notions.

Social advocacy is related to letting people speak out regarding their problems. Social advocacy can be considered from different perspectives as well. Social advocacy can simply involve creating an environment where friends and family members give suggestions to each other. Suggestions and recommendations can be regarding a simple garment purchase or something as serious as a medical illness. Social advocacy lets people recommend products in as well as within their circles.

Why only Social Advocacy?

As we mentioned earlier, people are getting more involved in social media interactions, therefore it becomes very important to develop an app which serves the need and that too immediately. There are people who also love to go through threads and discussions which might not necessarily relate to them. It becomes a hobby and a nice pass time area to read and know about what is happening socially and economically.

Nielsen reported that around 91% of the people trust recommendations from family members and friends while making a buying decision. This shows how much social advocacy has increased in the recent times. LinkedIn has been a great example as well, if you consider your employees to be social advocates and sell goods via their channel, then your conversion rates again soar up pretty soon.

How to encourage social advocacy?

Your advocates which include your employees, clients etc do not always have time to use a PC to share your stuff, therefore, a mobile app becomes the apt tool to propagate your product. A mobile app lets your advocates share stuff at a time and place convenient to them and that too without much effort. A PC does not let you manage social media as easily as a mobile app would.

You have to be socially active and make sure that you respond on time. A mobile app lets you and your advocates do that frequently without any hassle.

Why only a mobile app?

To be successful you must squeeze social media all around, be it breakfast, office hours, dinner or even late nights. A person cannot always switch on his her PC to check and see what is happening around. A mobile app comes as a solution as because mobile phones are always clung to people. These days’ people carry their mobile wherever they go, be it a bathroom! As per Facebook more than 73% people have their mobile with them always. Such large number proves that you get a great user base and chances are that you create a larger advocate base as well. Let’s see some of the most amazing facts:

  • As per Forrestor an average user picks his/her mobile phone around 180-200 times a day.
  • According to Forbes users spend around 70-75 minutes every day using their mobile apps.
  • Around 60% people check their mobile phone immediately after waking up.
  • As per a report from Deloitte the number of 4G users has increased by 3 times in 2015.

These facts prove that you can get a large user base and henceforth a greater advocacy level, where people will recommend your products to other users. They could then monitor their activity, post content and engage within their community as per their convenience. The number of PC shipments has also reduced by 9.7% in the first quarter of 2016 as per Gartner. By the year 2020 it is expected that internet users on PC/Laptop will reduce to 40%, whereas users on mobiles will increase to 60%.


The last 12-18 months have seen more than 60% businesses invest in mobile apps. This has also eased employees’ day to day tasks. Social media is always active and you must be engaged with your users frequently, because having a mobile app lets you do that very frequently. You do not need to bother yourself with a PC or laptop every time you need to check anything important.

This is the perfect time to invest in a social advocacy app and create a large user base. You will have to make things simple and fluid for your advocates to earn their patronage. Do you know what is also making all this social app thing moving faster than ever? The video revolution.

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