Mobile Video – The New Entertainment Standard

With the creation of mobile devices and the immediate access to video content, the thought of settling down on the couch to watch some television or a DVD seems old-fashioned. Entertainment is ever evolving as people have begun to use mobile devices more and more for the video consumption. So let’s see some of the factors driving this evolution of mobile video.

Technology is causing growth in mobile traffic

Advances in mobile technology, data processing, and connectivity have made mobile video consumption easily accessible. These advances will massively increase not only the time but also the data we will spend viewing videos on our mobile devices. It has been estimated that mobile video traffic will increase at an annual growth of 66% between the years 2014 and 2019.

The increase in device use

What device we have impacts the things watch. Growing use of YouTube’s mobile app shows the shifting to mobile video. YouTube has stated that over half of its audience now uses the mobile app, most of them watching on their phones but they will watch longer on table devices.

New platforms changing user habits

The more viewers spend on their phones and other mobiles devices the more their viewing habits change to accommodate new platforms. The most obvious change is use of vertical screen viewing. This orientation now compromises of 29 percent of viewing time in the United States.

Platforms will also amp up multi-screen viewing habits. A large percentage of TV watchers now multi-task by watching videos on their devices at the same time. This is especially true for frequent video viewers. Content creators are beginning to recognize this and have begun offering mobile experiences to be used together with watching a TV show.

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Video creators will start producing material that is made for vertical viewing, an emphasis will be made on app and platforms that were created for mobile. The huge amount of mobile outlets available gives great opportunities to DIYers and professional’s alike.

Entertainment – A new era

This new entertainment era has production companies gearing more towards digital content. This is because mobile viewing is thriving for audience and investors. The mobile video industry doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, total market value is now estimated at over twenty billion for multi-channel network companies.

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