Mobile app promotion: 5 reasons why is not working

Mobile app promotion is easy… if you get it right. Each time we work with our clients, we’re committed to do our best to help them reach the top with their Android apps. However, there are 5 major marketing concepts that completely depend on the app developer. In this video we will talk about the importance of:

1. Picking the right type of app that works well and helps to solve mobile users’ problems, knowing your competition and picking the right category that has a real market or demand.
2. Focusing on SEO for your app’s description by adding the most searched keywords.
3. Creating a simple but clean and bold design.
4. Having enough budget according to competition and size of the campaign.
5. Being human: have a social presence.

1. The concept. The right market. The right app.

Do it for the people. We mean it. Don’t start promoting an app that is oriented for 3 people. Know your market, do the numbers.

2. Keyword research.

Your app’s page description is the most important thing when we talk about ranking and how people will find you. Don’t miss that.

3. Design and the retention.

Do you like pretty things or ugly things? Make your app beautiful or go home. Retention increases when apps are well designed and the flow is perfect. Period. Bad design, the wrong colors, too many ads, confusing options or gameplay will result in a waste of money in any campaign.

4. Size of the campaign.

It is impossible to get results with 100 incentivized installs (or even organic installs). Mobile app promotion requires a good budget. Start small and work your way up.

5. Social presence.

So Lizzy’s mom wanted to check if that app had a Facebook Page or a Twitter account to verify if they were real before allowing her daughter to make a purchase….. “Oh no! There is a Facebook page but it was updated last year… hmmm… better not”.

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