Major Developments at the Google I/O 2016

Every year around the months of May-June we have our eyes set on Google. This is the time when Google comes up with its major developments at the Google I/O event. The year 2015 saw Google optimizing Android; a lot many things were tweaked. Browsing and toggling between pages became smoother. A little development on Android wear was also made. Android M was also showcased.

This year around the story has been completely different. I/O 2016 has brings about revolutionary changes in technology as it has up the standards of how we interact with technology. Google’s assistant has become even chattier; the sounds are more human like and you get some sassy replies as well! Several new products have also found their way to the market along with that there are unfolding regarding Android N. A rival to Face Time to be known as Duo has arrived. A VR platform exclusively for Android N has also made its way. The biggest of them all is that you need not download apps from Play Store to run them. Here is a sneak peak of all the major developments at the I/O 2016:


Google Assistant

Generally we find the assistant doing basic jobs like telling you the time, temperature and maybe play a song for you or call someone. The GA has become a chattier assistant; you can continue your conversation with it. It sounds more like a human than a computer. Google’s CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai demonstrated this by talking about the film “The Revenant”.


Google Home

this is going to be a beautiful little gadget made exclusively for our homes. It will help us manage daily tasks, enjoy music and entertainment and will also have Ask Google.



Sounds like “hello”, doesn’t it? This is going to be the most advanced messaging app ever produced. You can swipe a word vertically up or down to show the level of excitement you have! It will also lessen the amount of typing which you do by understanding your conversations and preparing a list of appropriate replies. You can also have one on one chat with Google itself!



here is the rival of Face Time; Duo lets you have one to one video chats but certainly in a unique way. It will start live streaming of the other person even before you answer the call. Duo would be available on both iOS and Android.


Android N

The most advanced version of Android will let you have 3 important things:

Vulkan: It’s a modern 3D graphics API. It will give game developers direct control of game GPU which will produce amazing graphics and performance.
b. Just in Time “JIT” compiler: Apps install will become 75% faster with JIT compiler.
c. Security: The security has increased by having file-based encryption, hardening the media framework and providing users with seamless updates.


Apps will get removed automatically

Android N will automatically shut down apps which you haven’t used for a long time. It also finally offers a “clear all” option to shut down all the apps at one go.


Improved notification bar

you can reply to your friend right from the notification bar. It will also have Uni-Code 9 standard and will come with 72 new emojis.



The way you interact with a VR is changing with “daydream”. This will provide high quality mobile virtual reality experience. There is an introduction to VR-Mode on Android N mobile phones. You would be able to actually interact with your VR device and play games exactly like you play on your Xbox with that remote!


Android Wear 2.0

Android and iPhone users will have a direct access to apps on their smart watch. One can use stand alone apps to have an immersive app experience on their smartwatch,


Android Instant Apps

One of the biggest news for developers, users can now use certain apps directly without installing them on their phones! Instant apps are going to be compatible up to Android Jelly Bean. This means that now developers can have users who need not download their apps and still use them. A major announcement from Android!

So these were the major announcements at the Google I/O 2016. This has been a great leap in terms of technology from Google. Both the developers as well as users have a lot many things to look forward to. Android N looks to have a very promising future ahead with so much of improvements, features and sophistication.

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