Learn To Code Or Hire Somebody? #AskMe #1

Hello everyone! It has been a great experience with you all. We are overwhelmed and humbled at the same time seeing your enthusiasm in the app business world. A couple of months back we made a video on, “how to start your app business?” and it has left us pumped to find that many of you are actually gearing up to start your own venture.

There have been thousands of questions which are being thrown at us. We came across some questions which lots of viewers have in common. Therefore, we thought of making a video series on such questions which will solve all your queries regarding the app business.

Coding is expensive

One thing which every person who wants to get into the app development world knows is that coding is expensive. There are two ways a person can make a good app:

  1. Being the coder himself: A person in the initial stages can choose to be the sole developer of the app by providing all the coding knowledge himself. This sounds fantastic, but doesn’t solve the problem of someone who does not have a coding background. Therefore, someone such jumps on to the second option which is:
  2. Hire someone who can code: This covers the maximum radius of any coding and app development route. You can go out and hire someone who is brilliant coder and get your job done.

Now here is the problem, hiring someone who can code for you requires a lot of budget and capital. So, what do you do? You surely are falling short of the required amount of capital but then you have a little time. You can use the time to help you learn coding and save a lot of money. You are not only saving money but also preventing your app getting misused.

If you want to make a great video game, but do not have money, then you can surely opt for learning coding yourself and then develop it. This is surely risky and an uphill task. But if you like making video games, then you should surely go for it. It will surely take you more than six months but then it will definitely be worth it.

Time is the real constraint

If you are between 13-21 years of age, still in high school then you are definitely having some quality amount of time with yourself. Someone in their 20s does have that money crunch maybe because they are not living with their parents anymore or are having girlfriend(s)! Yes, you need to squeeze out some time and start learning to code.

I, myself, wasn’t a great coder initially. I had some knowledge and skills and started coding at the age of 16 and took almost four months to make my first simple video game!

Now, if you just want to make the basics like up, down etc happen then go for it. If you find your passion then you can add up more like learning special graphic effects as well.

I have the money!

Even if you have the capital, you must surely learn the basics. You cannot be 100% dependent on anyone else (Well, that’s the rule for every business!).

Another question we got (assuming), “What’s the cost of putting an app on the App Store?”

It will cost you $100 every year, but don’t forget to double check the fees as things change on App Store quite regularly. As per our knowledge, opening an account on Google Play Store will cost you $25 and after that you can upload as many apps you want to from that account. On the App Store you need to pay only $100 per year and nothing extra for the graphics our even apps you add.

Next Question: How do I protect my app idea from being stolen?

It’s a great question. Even I had this problem when I started with the work. It happens to everyone, you are too romantic about your work and you think that you have the best idea ever and you need to protect it. You believe that your idea is going to change the world and the industry!

Protecting the idea isn’t easy but then you can definitely protect the code if it is actually something very unique. You can protect the graphic for a game, you can also protect the music which you have discovered. You can also protect the script and even names of the characters that are there in your app.

It is advisable that you should bring in that protection layer only if you find something extra-ordinarily special about your app’s music, graphic or content. If you have an idea then start working on it as soon as possible. What matters in the app world is the fact that who executes the idea first and with the best possible way.

I do not worry about the idea being stolen as I am a believer that if you make something amazing then it is surely going to be noticed by one and all. Only if you make a product which is tangible or even a song then you need all those registry and patent stuff done on time. In the digital world there is nothing much you can do about.


So, there you go! We have discussed three frequently asked questions in this video and we are pretty much sure that the answers have helped you. If you find the answers satisfactory and helpful then please do like the video and share it with your friends.

If there is something which still doesn’t solve your problems then write us in and we would be more than happy to solve each and every query of yours.

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