Kill app downloads with Android Instant Apps


For each and every user as well as developer one thing has been quite an ardent task which App Downloads! Users cannot get to use an app until and unless they install it on their phone. Google’s Play Store is quite literally the most visited store in the world. Yes, the Play Store is also the largest in terms of users and downloads but even then there are so many developers who fail to generate downloads for their apps. Little downloads mean that a developer has to suffer in terms of lesser revenue and thus their app fails to flourish.Google has been moving fast and quite well! The Google I/O 2016 has proved to be a boon for all app entrepreneurs and developers. They have introduced new horizons and have created an amazing ecosystem for both the developers and users. Android Instant Apps is their latest baby!

Android Instant Apps, the name itself suggests what it is going to be like. Well, Android Instant Apps would simply mean that a user would not have to download apps to use them. A simple click on the app and they are ready to use it on a mere web-page. This enables developers to have a huge user base. People would now won’t have to waste their data as they can use an app instantly. Right now, we will take you through an in-depth idea about Android Instant Apps, their advantages, disadvantages and applicability.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps is based on Google’s concept of Accelerated Mobile Pages which will instantly load webpages to Android apps. It means a user will not have to install an app on his device in order to use its features.

Android apps make it possible for Google to thrive. Most of the developers are engaged in making apps for Google’s Android which shows a number greater than that of iOS. Developers have always dreamt of having a concept where people do not need to download their apps and rather use them straightaway.

A developer now has the power to provide seamless experience to his users using Android Instant Apps without them downloading the app itself. For example, a friend shares a Buzzfeed video of an amazing chicken dish but the other person doesn’t have Buzzfeed app to view it can now simply click and view it with the help of Android Instant Apps. The app fires up quick as it is split into modules and only the code required to display was downloaded on the go.

Another example is Amazon has a great shopping app but there are so many people who do not shop online. One fine day it appears that a person wants to purchase a mobile phone exclusively available on Amazon. Now, with Android Instant Apps he will not have to download the entire Amazon app. The person will have to simply search for that mobile on Google and then choose it to purchase via Amazon’s instant app. He will be redirected to a web-page where he can simply purchase it with a few clicks. This definitely means that person saves on data, time and memory. He would be able to read reviews and get comparisons just like an app.


How to develop Android Instant Apps

Here is the question of how to go about it. Now, this is the best thing about Android Instant Apps, a developer can enable this feature by simply updating their normal app. One does not need to develop an all new app together. The developer will be using the same source code and even the Android APIs are going to be the same. Depending on your app’s composition, it would take you less than 24 hours to launch an upgraded app with instant functionality. A developer will have full control over the app’s UX.

Advantages of Android Instant Apps

Here are some of the advantages of Android Instant Apps from users’ as well as developers’ perspectives:

  • Large user base: Developer will get to have a large user base. Not only people downloading the app would be able to use it, a large section of users would not need to install it for its functionality.
  • Same app: A developer would not need to develop an entirely different app and even the users would not require to download a separate app. A normal update would serve the purpose for both ends.
  • Native Android Apps: Both user and developer are going to get a native Android app. It is going to work just like a normal app would.
  • Monetization boost: Developers would be able to find new ways for their app’s monetization strategy.
  • Full control over the app: Developer will have full control over the app’s user experience and user interface.

These are some of the major advantages for users as well as developers. There is one drawback as of now as all the apps are not going to be compatible with this instant functionality.

Instans Apps


We have saved the best for the last. Here is an even bigger news, Android Instant apps are going to be available right from Android Jelly Bean to the latest Android N. Android Instant Apps has come as a major opportunity for app developers and entrepreneurs. Even those who are confused between developing an app for iOS and Android can now clear up the clog and consider Android for one simple reason i.e Android Instant Apps. This is in a beta stage and Google is currently working with a smaller group of developers, once it hit the right notes the expansion is going to take place.
From Google’s house, seems like Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and his team are soaring the ecosystem quite well. This period is going to be a very exciting one for app developers and entrepreneurs.



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