how to start an app business

How to start an App Business


The last time we talked about app business and marketing was in late 2014! The app business world is dynamic and things are changing very fast. It doesn’t mean that our previous discussion has become outdated! We spent a lot of time and went through all the possible points to make any app a success but this time, there are some major points that must be addressed.

The 3 important steps for a successful app business

This time around we are narrowing down to three most important points which you must know about app business and its marketing. These are the three points which are definitely going to make your app a hit (do not skip the reading, this one is mandatory if you’re starting an app business!).


1. App Market Research

The very first thing which we tell our clients and all the entrepreneurs out there is to study the market. You must learn to plan ahead. Go out and see what other developers are doing, read their stories of failure and success. Social apps and gaming apps are the biggest success which you can think of. The biggest reason for them being successful is the fact that these are the most liked and simple apps to use. Look at the current trends, you must know what is happening right now. Understand your to-be-users behavior. You must serve them exactly what they need and this can be done only by proper market research.

Get to know how successful developers started their journeys. The most important part being the funds which they arranged. You must start planning your funding at least 3-4 months before you start with your app. Funds are going to be the backbone of your business. Being realistic is again very crucial, don’t think about what people would need after 5 years, think of now. With time you will automatically be able to improvise your app and meet the demand of your users (a good long term team is key if you want to ease the future updates!).

Your idea is going to be the unique selling point, therefore do not rush on monetizing your app in the first stance. But, don’t avoid it forever. You need to have a vision on what are you going to sell. Work on your idea, make it absolutely unique and very clear, keeping on mind on what are you going to sell/offer in the future.

Lastly, arrange your funds and keep it very clear about your launch time. If you want to launch an app in Christmas then make sure you have started your work somewhere around July or August. Use your common sense, don’t release products that are meant for summer, on winter.


2. App Development

Once you are done with market research, you move to the most important step which is the app’s development itself. App development would require you to follow your app’s developer almost daily! It would require a lot of hard work, determination and perseverance. Therefore, you must be patient and choose the right team for the job. There are 4 basic things which you must keep in mind before you develop your app:

a. Simplicity: Your app must be very simple in terms of functionality and design. Even a 10 years old should understand it. The app must be straightforward making people understand in less than 10 seconds. If people fail to understand it quickly then they are going to uninstall your app right away. Twitter is a classic example where most of the people have not liked its interface or have hard time understanding their mechanics, loosing their power against Instagram and Snapachat.
b. Functionality: Don’t go over the top. You shouldn’t be concentrating on making your app the most striking one, rather be concerned about minimalist functions. It should have everything that is required to work and nothing else. Check this video if you want to learn more about this topic.
c. Easiness of updates: This is a very important point. Your app should not be fussy about updates. Too many and too little updates are going to spoil users for you. Google is very fast as compared to iOS in terms of updates and software technologies. Your app must be able to meet each and every requirement at the right time.
d. Security: Make your app very secure. Around 50% of the Waypedia revenue is spent in security! Do not cut your cost on this element as security ensures that you have get to have your user’s trust and loyalty.


3. App Marketing

Here is the last but a very crucial point to be noted. You have done your research and have developed a brilliant app but now you need to go out and sell it. Marketing would require lot of money, therefore, you must set the right budget and plan way ahead. Make sure that your content is saleable, it is unique and serves its purpose well. Hire specialists if you are absolutely new to marketing. Marketing is a completely different world than developing an app and requires full time attention.

Use all forms of social media from Facebook to YouTube to Twitter and even Snapchat. Spend a lot of time on your app and try to connect with people via live chats.
Create a website of your own and cross-promote your app on it. Cross-promoting is a very important element of app business (and the cheapest one!). Targeting specific audience becomes very easy when you promote your app via social media but it is very expensive at the same time as well, so do it through content instead of upselling all right on their faces.

There must be a landing page to your website no matter where you promote your app. Share a couple of links, create blogs and maybe have some interactive sessions with people.
Your app must be a seller and it should have some impact on your users. App business requires you to make your users understand your app’s need. Explain how your app is going to change their life. Design your app’s looks as per the group of people you want to target and focus on the social media platforms that represent them. Don’t waste time on mediums where your users ARE NOT!


Ways to promote your App (Basics)

Now everything is done, but there is one important question left to answer: How to drive more people to install my app?  Of course, you can also choose Facebook as a medium to drive people. Facebook is a very good option but it requires a lot of money to reach the right audience. You will have to spend over $3 per download on Facebook (at least when you start).  There are plenty of challenges on Facebook which you will have to face, it is very expensive, you need to invest lots of time and for certain apps might not be the right solution.

At Waypedia we’are committed to bring you a lot of traffic and downloads for your app. We offer cheaper rates and can let you have as much as 10.000 downloads every single day! At that volume you can easily kick charts all over the world and gaining organic traffic at the short and long run.  Let’s have a live chat now right on this same page! We will guide you through everything ranging from icon, screenshots and even planning your entire budget. We would be shortly offering organic installs as well for those who want to target certain specific audience.

In few words: Check your monetization strategies, high end games require investments as high as $500,000, so the right monetization strategy is of utmost importance. Start planning 2-3 months ahead, cover each and everything before you release your app. Keep it simple, clean, functional enough, shareable and updatable. This is a very exciting time for app developers and app entrepreneurs out there!

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