Low, Normal and High Retention

Wondering how to best promote your app? It’s finally here! We are excited to announce that our 3 new retention options (only available on Waypedia) are ready for your next Mobile Advertising Campaign. That’s right, now you can customize an app promotion to fit your needs. It’s simple and you only pay per install! There are no surprises and you can get incredible results within a few weeks (and in some cases, even days!).

Add your app’s package name to our system, tell us how many installs you want, the type of campaign, and that’s it! No need to modify your app or anything! Here are the 3 types of campaigns:

Low Retention

With Low Retention, users will only install your app. It’s a great way to start a campaign if you’re short on budget. Price as low as $0.10 per install!

OH YES! Cheapest price on the market. Fast.
OH NO! People are less likely to use your app if they are not interested. Hard to reach large volumes per day. Fast uninstalls are more likely to happen.

Normal Retention

Normal Retention describes the installs where the user needs to install and run the app at least 1 time within 10 minutes. This is great for any type of app, and works well for large campaigns. Price as low as $0.12 per install!

OH YES! Cheap. You can reach the highest volume of installs per day on the market. You get real time data and users will open your app. Increase retention.
OH NO! Fast uninstalls are more likely to happen.

High Retention

When you create a campaign, you can choose the HRI (High Retention Installs) type of campaign where users will keep your app for at least 3 days. This solution won’t guarantee that the user will keep it after 3 days, but it increases the chances of engagement. Price as low as $0.18 per install!

OH YES! Retention increases exponentially. Users are more likely to engage with your app. It reduces Google penalties caused for fast uninstalls, and increases your ranking over the long run. If users uninstall your app before 3 days, you don’t pay for those installs, therefore you always get more for what you paid.
OH NO! Slow. Hard to reach high volumes per day.


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