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How To Make Your App Viral

How can I make my app viral?

Now, this is one question which almost every second client has asked us. Whenever we are having a live chat with our clients, this is one question, which sooner or later, but definitely pops out in their minds. For apparent reasons, it is also very important for an app entrepreneur to have this question in mind.

Your app’s success depends on the fact that how viral it is and how many users you are getting daily. Now making an app viral isn’t an easy task. There are millions of apps out there and some of them are blockbusters while some are trying to hold the stick’s end just to survive. It does not mean that unsuccessful apps are terrible, but what did not let them become a hit matters.

Generally there are a few things which must be kept in a developer’s mind to make their app viral. We went through a lot of apps which were instantly viral to see the reasons behind their success. Apps like Tinder, Instagram, Flappy Bird and many others had two things in common which made them viral:

1. Simplicity. Concept, functions and Operational.
2. Shareable. Easy to share on social media.

Take Instagram for example, how easy it is to take a selfie and put some exciting edits and share. This is what made Instagram a huge success in no time. People are excited to share their selfies, images with friends or relatives and Instagram makes it a breezy affair with just one tap. One does not need to spend time too much of time on finding out ways to make an app work. All it takes is just “A, B and C” and your work is done. Snapchat took this to the next level and put the content door as main page instead of the feed as normally all social media apps do, which makes people share even more. This is what we recommend to our clients, making an app simple to operate and easy to understand that won’t drain your users energy. Nobody likes to churn themselves behind a time consuming and difficult process.

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The other important thing to keep in mind is the fact that there must be an option to share. Facebook is an example; you can share anything to your feed without even writing a post anymore. An this is not what happens inside of the app ecosystem, it’s also out of them. When people like something they share it with their circle, like when a person scores well in a game. Giving an option to share let you auto-promote your app. Even better, people are not only sharing their achievements or knowledge but they are also promoting your app. This creates a chain and increase the chances for your app to become viral.


Well, by now it must be clear to you. If you are not making your app easy to operate and simple to understand plus you are also not providing a feature to share, you are definitely doing things wrong. An app can only become viral if it simple to use and is appreciated by the means of sharing. Things like marketing and promotions are important but not at level one, initially you must set your goals on making a simple yet excellent app.

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