Google Play opens beta testing program “Early Access” to more developers

“Early Access” brings more room for Developers

Up till now most of the developers had one common problem which was lack of a testing platform. Developers couldn’t get users who would use their app in the early stages before making an official launch. Lack of tests before the actual launch doesn’t really let developers scrutinise their apps. Google has addressed the problem of beta app testing. In their earlier version, Google had only allowed a handful number of developers to test their apps through “Early Access”. “Early Access” was first launched earlier this spring.

Through “Early Access” section on Play Store, a user can search through a list of new apps which are still in beta mode and download them. Using a beta version will also let users review the pros and cons of any given app.

Now here is the great news, Google is expanding “Early Access” to more developers! Previously, this program was available to hand-picked group of 29 games and app partners. Today, Google has opened up the program to a larger section of developers.

Even though there was a way for developers to test their apps in beta mode, in May Google allowed them to test their apps right from the landing page. The main idea behind the “Early Access” section is that Google Play will highlight some of the best upcoming apps for developers who do not have an active user base.

One gets to have a lot more room with a wider accessibility now. Entrepreneurs have something positive to look up on. “Early Access” will help them build a strong user base and check the flaws (if there are any) in their app.

Hows of “Early Access”

One very important question is how does “Early Access” work? Well, previously it was all about Google’s discretion to list an app in “Early Access”. No developer could device a way to book his app’s spot on Early Access. Today, things have changed and there are chances that Google will introduce a sign-up method. Introduction of a sign-up procedure will let developers nominate their app for consideration.

It is not sure whether an app will get included in the “Early Access” tile. Though a sign-up process will at least create chances and grounds for your apps to get listed.

Benefits of “Early Access” in a nutshell

Early Access was a far fetched necessity for almost all the budding developers. Developers always felt that a trial and error platform should be there to test their apps. As we have already mentioned, only 29 developers were there who could launch their apps with “Early Access” and this meant that 99.9% of other developers had to lag behind. Here are some of the major benefits of “Early Access” which are going to be availed by a lot more app builders:

  • More market for developers: The first clear benefit is that developers will now have a massive reach and market. They can create a niche even during the beta stages of an app.
  • Understanding users’ needs: When an app is in a beta stage it easily lets a developer know what his users need. A few tweaks will help improvise the app.
  • Users get benefits: Even the users are in a win-win situation. A user can try his hands at some of the most interesting apps before others. Even if it is going to be a paid app, the user can get it at a throwaway price.
  • Better ideas: Now “Early Access” enables both users as well as developers get better ideas. A user can get to know what is coming in the future. A person can decide which app needs to be downloaded and which ones can be replaced. The developer, on the other hand, can understand rivals’ strategies and users’ demand as well.

There is only one go where a developer can impress his users. Early Access gives that opportunity and lets developers garner a loyal user base. Budding entrepreneurs now have some sort of relief from the ever growing stern competition on Play Store.

Some of the outcomes of the program

Now another major question which would linger in the mind of the readers is that what is the outcome of this program. Well, in a period of around one month after the collection became visible to all the users, the open beta tiles were installed more than million times! Language learning developer like Lingbe, online book club Readfeed and Lego had participated in “Early Access”. Other developers who participated in the same tested identity bugs, app’s concept, gaming dynamics and took feedback from various users.

The program has benefited several hundred users and developers. A developer is being able to spread his budgets accordingly and efficiently. The program has come at a time when internet is surely expected to reach incredible heights. Every aspiring developer wants to launch his app with proper tests and some success in the beginning. Google’s “Early Access” has just about been doing things in the best ways possible.


Early Access has come at a point when both Google as well as Apple are looking to find better ways which can help new developers set a solid foundation right at the beginning of their careers. Developers can get their apps in a now sizeable mobile marketplace.

Google’s Play Store has more than 2 million apps which simply means that it would very difficult for anyone to find new games and apps. More often than not users find new apps by word of mouth, ads and app store search.

Getting the advantage of app testing before launch lets a developer create an opportunity to win over a user forever (That would happen only if the app gets the required amount of clicks!)

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