Games Vs Apps – App Business Course #4

Hi everyone! We are here with another amazing video from our App business course. Before we get into more details, you must answer the following questions and define what your plan is.

– Do you have an idea?
– Do you have the money to execute that idea?
– Do you have the right team?
– Do you want to work on games or apps?

You must honestly answer these questions to yourself to clear the direction that you will choose.  The idea is very important, many people want to make live wallpaper app while some would want to make a translation app. Its the idea that will differentiate you from others. Your idea can be next “Uber” or you can also think about something which no one else is doing.


There are mainly two major app businesses on internet. Games and Applications. Applications are usually about wallpapers, tools, utility, social app, etc. There are some many cloned apps out there, people are just copying the other apps but these apps are not adding any utility to users. We want to make an app which generates excitement and passion among the users. If you think your app is not going to do any of these then please throw your idea and move on!

In general apps are piece of code that extend and expand users capabilities and allow them to do something that 1) will take too much time if you need to do it through a normal website or desktop computer and 2) it offers a fast, direct, clear and clean ability to the users in their phones. If what you’re thinking does not apply both of those 2 points, then you’re wasting your time.

Enterprise solution is a bit different as it requires a lot of logic. Apps like Uber involve various algorithms to connect user and drivers in real time, huge databases, etc. Normally, enterprise solution requires a big infrastructure, proper framework and language code from day one. You need a lot of investment for that and you might be early on that if you don’t have a proper partner.


Game development is expensive, cumbersome and takes a lot of effort and creativity as compared to other apps. It is not just simply sitting there and making a couple of graphics. You should not copy, clone any other games. Sure, you can copy some style and improve with a version of yours, but avoid copy cat every single element and concepts from other games. It sounds easy to copy a game like candy crush and get the things going but NO, you are not going to do that. You need to put in creativity and your own codes into place. If you are not a creative mind then hire someone who is. And if you don’t have money to do this then just don’t start. Again, find a job, save money and comeback with capital.

One way to get you started is by focusing on a very simple casual game, your game doesn’t need to be the next Clash of Clash. Yes, you can make a big game too but its better to start with a simpler one if you don’t have the experience yet. Now, simple doesn’t mean a copy or clone, it should be unique as much as possible. For example, there are thousands of puzzle games out there (we see them all the time at Waypedia) you can base some similar structures but you can turn that into something special by adding new and original features.

People also need to understand the geography. Users from Western parts of the world grown up watching cartoons and are used to playing games like Pokemon read and blue and now with Pokemon Go. So, if you plan to get developer for such games then hire someone that is not only good at coding, but has that experiences in the past (in this example, maybe somebody that watched anime and played similar games to Pokemon).


Its better if you get the right team from day one. There are lot of many complexities in both games and app development in general so a great team ensures that you do not need to change the codes again and again and focus all in one main goal.

Now you know the difference and it is totally up to you to choose your path. Gaming needs more creativity as compared to enterprise solutions or general apps. The complexities in enterprise solution are higher since we talk about real time processing data and big servers. If your idea in somewhere from building the next Uber or Tomb Raider, maybe you will need to re think everything one more time.

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