Advertising on Android apps: Why you’re failing

Whether you have a campaign with us or on Facebook, or maybe on AdWords, it is always hard to achieve the perfect results (even with a larger budget). We noticed most of our clients have the same problem: they focus only on numbers and not on the users. Even worse, some clients don’t care about app updates (or fixing bugs) and they only focus on getting ad clicks.

The purpose of a marketing campaign is not just to increase numbers, but it’s also the first step to start a relationship with your users and potential clients. Here are some points to take into consideration.


Repetition is the most powerful asset. Anything that gets your name in front of people as much as possible is always good. Think about how big companies continue to advertise almost every single day (Coke is a good example).

Also, while you improve your app and user experience, keeping a campaign running is the key for success. You will never get results in a marketing plan that only lasts 1 week. Think about a long term strategy, rather than a short and magical solution. You must drive a large volume of installs in order to reach more people, there is no way around this. Run a campaign with us, speak with as many people as you can, share and make connections in real life and all over the internet. Have you ever thought about having popular blogs review your app?

Be social, be human

Once the users install your app or engage with your social networks, it’s critical to have a plan to keep them engaged with you or your app (yes, you can also be the face of your product if you’re charismatic enough!). People nowadays handle tons of information every single day, and the higher bidder always has the advantage to close a sale or gain users’ attention. For that reason, if you have the chance to reach a real human being from anywhere (no matter what), try to connect with them. Keep all of your social pages updated and be creative. See, the problem is that we want larger amounts of installs, but once we rank on Google Play, we stop caring about the users we already have. That is a HUGE mistake.

Ask for reviews

Yes, ask for your users to review your app. You need reviews to rank your app and reach more users. Reviews and installs are the foundation of SEO ranking on Google Play. Ask your friends to write honest reviews, this is not only good for the ranking (specially if you get positive ones), but it will also help you discover the flaws on your app or what needs to be improved.

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