Ask Me #2: Cross App Promotion

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? I am very happy and motivated to know that you guys are appreciating our work and your app business has got good push from us. The app business has been thriving pretty well. Yes, we know that it has been great since day one, but, right now the time is even better. The competition has increased and users have started getting more accustomed to using apps.

Now, I have been a getting a lot of questions off late and I am going through all of them. There is this one question which has been asked numerous times and that is “how do I get more users?” Some people also want to know how they get users involved in building their business. Now it is quite a mutual thing, you get your users utility and they get you more users. But then, the question is “how?”

One thing I must tell you is that your users are your ‘future users’ bank. Your users get you more users than you think. Certainly, as they themselves form a part of the future users’ community.

Two weeks back I got a superb question which asked, “I have a good running game and it gets around 300 to 1000 organic installs per day on the Play Store but it gets only 20 to 50 installs on the iOS’ App Store. So how do I grow on iOS? Also, how to use the users to grow even more? Where should I send them? What shall I ask them to do?” FYI, running games are those games where you tap once and the character jumps up. One classic and great example of running games is Super Mario Bros on the iOS.

We also thank the above sender for appreciating our efforts on making their A.S.O (App Store Optimization) back in 2015. Interestingly, he also says that he can reward his users for doing certain things which he wants them to do. He says that “I can reward them with currency points on subscribing their YouTube page or liking their Facebook page”. Facebook is like community building because you have to pay so that people like your page.

So how do you grow your app business without spending too much on the marketing portion? Well, one very important and interesting way to promote your app is by opting for “Cross App Promotions”. One way of doing cross promotion is asking your users to “Play our other games”. You have a menu option wherein a user can choose to play a different game (obviously developed by you). This way you do not have to incentivize them. If a user is finding your game interesting then he is likely to play or try out other games from your house.

This is what cross promotion of apps all about. You incentivize your user to try another app from your kitty by using your primary app. One more thing you can do to cross promote your app is opting for pop-ups. Pop ups also let you incentivize your users. You can let a pop-up display, “you like our game, try out a certain game and get an additional life”. Here you also get a chance to promote your app on different operating systems. You can get a Play Store app promoted on an iOS device and vice versa. This is called ‘cross-platform promotion’.

You can also get users to like your social media page via cross promotions. The problem here is that you have to have some content. A mere video or a couple of posts won’t really engage users to get your app installed on their phones. There are also people who do not do anything apart from liking pages on social media. Such people might give you wrong calculations as well!

Yes, there are certain more things which you can do today which will affect the growth. And you will grow because there is no other option. You cannot afford to stay steady at a single level. Bringing more and more users is always good for the business. Sounds a little philosophical, eh? You will have to spend quite a lot of money if you want users to let you know what they want to see on your page. Facebook has this featuring of asking people about their preferences but then they charge you a good amount of fees for it.

In Waypedia we provide incentivized installs. Incentivized installs let users take a path of installation of an app after they are given some sort of incentive. Incentive can be in the form of extra lives, gifts or a small recharge. Waypedia gives users a small reward for installing an app on their phones. But, we have to be honest in this, incentivized traffic is useful in ranking, improving the rank of an app, or getting better ratings as well.

Now here is the problem with incentivized installs, most of the users actually go for it, i.e. only the incentive but not the app. I would certainly not give them coupon or cash for installing an app, instead of that I will rather choose to tell them that, if you are liking our game then we have another game for you and if you choose to download it then we will give you let’s say 30 points. We can also offer unlocking a special level after the user installs the new app. There is going to be a very cool reward for the game that your users are playing. Trust me this is going to work as magic! All you need to do is offer the reward within the app. Even then I am a believer of the fact that incentivized installs work better when you have a large user base.

So, if you have not yet convinced or are a new member on our channel then please do drop in your questions. I answer questions every week. It is always interesting to know your queries and sort them out. So, see you guys soon!

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