Ask Me #3: Long term or Short term Developer

The app business is highly lucrative. Everyone knows that, right? So, how is it affecting most of the people? Entrepreneurs, Software engineers and other developers are now looking forward to invest in app development and start something of their own. Emergence of newer markets is on the high. Developing regions all across the world are getting used to the technological aspects. People have started using apps ranging from payment apps, travel convenience apps, food apps and a lot many more.

Such a huge market and demand for services is luring many people to join the app business. I have been getting many questions every single day where people ask me about the initial stages of the business, the mid-path they need to work on, executions and plans and what not! I keep on working hard and research on all the aspects which you guys want me to help you with.

Hello guys! I have recently got a question from Vikas and he says, “I thank your give it away attitude. Your information is very valuable for me.” Well, thanks a lot for that! Much appreciated for watching our videos! Vikas also asks, “On what basis do I need to hire an app developer?” First of all it’s a great question. Most of the new businessmen in this app era are confused and unaware of the developer type which they need to hire.

It completely depends on the type of project that you want to do. You cannot simply hire a developer by looking at your budget and ignoring the type of project which you are going to proceed with. If you think that you want to build the next Facebook, then you definitely need a big team with super specialist developers. Not only a big team, but also consistency is what you need to look at. Why do I talk about consistency here? The things are going to be complex, you will have a lot many things to deal with, there is going to be a lot of information that you will have to handle. All such factors will demand you to get a team of developers who work consistently for you.

A big project requires you to get long term developers who know coding by heart. All of this makes sense. There are (obviously) going to be times where you will have to add features to your app. Adding features to the app can be done best only by developers who have worked on the app previously. Having long term developers is also good for the whole team. Developers who are consistently working for you know each other and therefore have better coordination and team work. This boosts the moral of the entire team of developers. But having an entire team of long term developers is best suited for big projects.

Now what do you do if you have a small project or a short term project in hand? Well, I would suggest you folks to take the freelancer path. Why? Freelancer is way cheaper than hiring full time developers. There is one more advantage over regular developers and that is you can get your work done relatively quicker. But everything in the world comes with advantages as well as disadvantages. Taking the freelancer method can be cheaper and faster but once you have built a long term project then it becomes very difficult.

In a short term project once your app building is over you put it in the App Store or the Play Store and then forget it. In a long term project that is not the case. A long term project requires you to keep updating your app regularly so that you stay in the hunt. Now if you lose track of the freelancer who made your app or if you take very long to get back to him then you have most probably lost out on that freelancer. One fine day the App Store or the Play Store requires you to your app updated or if the user demand is such that you need to update your app then you need to go back to your freelancer who made the app. The freelancer is not there anymore or if he is not responding back to your mail then all your hard work behind the app is going into vain.

You now need to find a new freelancer who can finish the job which the previous one has left. They will have to learn the code to fix it; this will make it more expensive and time consuming. Time is money; once your work is stuck you waste a lot of time, money and most importantly opportunities to stay ahead.

In my opinion, I would recommend you guys to have one or two full time developers in the beginning. They are always there to keep tweaking your app from time to time and they know the major coding base. We are living in a technological era and technology is changing in rapid pace. More and more users are joining the movement and their demands are increasing daily. An app which seemed great one year back has now become obsolete. Yes! A 2016 app seems completely outdated in 2017. You need to update your app now and stay forward.

My recommendation is to work with long term developers. At least have a few of them, regardless whether the project is small or big. A team of long term developers is always going to be handy. Having long term developers also ensures that you take your app sincerely. Coming into the app business just to make easy money will never help you. You cannot replace hard work with insincere efforts. You need long term partnership, you need to work on the long term and not keep looking at the short term benefits. Therefore, I will always recommend you people to have a long term developer in your team.

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