Android N: First Look

Google’s Android is the most used OS around the world. There are in-numerous reasons for such popularity of Android. Google has made it a point to launch newer versions with all the bells and whistles that other OSs fall short of. The latest version of Android, to be known as ‘Android N’ is about to make its entry in some time. The developer version of Android N has been released a few days back and this lets us quickly take a look at what all we can expect out of this version. The developer versions are just like auto expo shows wherein the end users do not exactly get what has been showcased. We will still give you an insight of what all to expect.  There are certain features which have been confirmed by Google and are going to make place on your Android devices very soon.

Android N is expected to make its entry in the 3rd quarter of 2016 and that means that it will be launched before 30th September. The previous versions were launched in the middle weeks of October, but this time around Android 7.0 will make an entry rather quickly. This also means that we will get to see Nexus devices sooner as well because latest versions of Android are generally launched along with Nexus devices. The current developer version was showcased on March 9th, a couple of months earlier than the usual time period where Google previews its latest OS versions. The Google I/O 2016 is supposed to begin from the 18th of May and we have generally witnessed newer versions of android launching in this annual developer conference.


The Android 7.0 or Android N went live for Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 (LTE and Wi-Fi) and Nexus 5X on the Android Developers site. This was just a teaser; a better and even more advanced version is expected to be showcased at the Google I/O 2016. Here is a look at all the features which are confirmed to hit market:

  • Multi-window multitasking Mode: This is the first confirmed feature to come with Android 7.0. The apps which are compatible can be opened side by side on the user’s device’s screen. Developers will have to add up some features to make their apps compatible. You will also get to see a picture in picture mode which will work exactly like a minimized YouTube video. Now multitasking is going to become seamless and uber efficient.
  • Tabs with a new life: Previously tabs did not have tab specific apps; they would rather used to get blown up mobile phone apps. In this version you will get to have apps which are specifically designed for tabs. There are going to be navigation buttons, DPI switcher, tab customizable UI etc.
  • New features in the settings menu: Android N also provides a new settings menu. This menu will come with a host of features like a suggestions drop down area and also will remove the individual section parts. There are going to be minute details for every section. Now you would not have to open the Wi-Fi section to check and see which network you are connected to, as it is going to be displayed right under the sub section of Wi-Fi.
  • Changes in the notification panel: The shade of the notification panel has been tweaked slightly; you can now quickly open up the recently used settings icons. There is a small arrow on the right hand side to let you open the main settings section quickly. Developers can now create their own settings icons too.
  • Quicker App optimization: The Android Runtime (ART) had already made app launches quicker, but in Android N, the Just in Time feature will immediately launch an app rather the first time boot functioning of ART.
  • Better data saving: This feature will prevent background data syncing unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. This feature also optimizes data usage in foreground.
  • Emergency information right at your lock screen: Now you can save any emergency info right at your lock screen. This means that even if you have a pattern lock, any person would be able to access your emergency information without having the need to unlock your device. Safety comes first, they say!


This was just an outline of some of the main confirmed features. In the next article we will take you through a detailed insight of all the features which Android N has to offer!

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