Google Play’s Ranking System

All You Need To Know About Google Play’s Ranking System

It’s a highly competitive world and all of us want to stay ahead. Startups want to eat up competition and hold the maximum market share. An engineering student wants to score the best to land a great job, employees fight to perform the best to get promotions and an app developer strives to get higher rankings so as to bring his/her app among recognition.

Google’s Android platform is the most popular resort for app developers when it comes to operating systems. The store wherein you can download apps on Android is called Play Store. If your rank is well positioned on Play Store your app is in a wonderful place to gain organic traffic for itself. If it get downloads, higher chances for users to play more often and this will result in a successful app business.

Things are easier said than done, getting rank on Play Store is an ardent task. The system is rigorous and requires a lot many things from the developer and mainly the users to let an app rank higher. Let’s learn more about Google Play’s Ranking System!

Google Play’s Ranking System, made simple!

To get your ranked higher you need loads and loads of daily traffic. There must be a lot of installs daily and this is how your app will rank higher. But we have already said that all of it sounds easier than done. There are two ways people search for an app:

  1. Browsing through categories
  2. Searching with specific keywords

People might type in a keyword like “racing games” and then Google will display a list of a maximum of 250 results. One must come at least in the top 50 so that people check out the app. The system over here is completely different from Google search. Google Play is very specific about the keyword whereas Google search displays everything related to a particular keyword.

The competition is high and therefore you will need a lot of downloads/installs everyday to beat rivals with similar keywords. For area specific apps, one will have to get traffic from a concerned area so as to get better ranks.

Work with us and see the difference

You can join us at Waypedia and we will get your app listed with specific keywords. We will drive enormous volume of keyword installs from any part of the world. We can get your app ranked high! Now, if you are not willing to pay then you might consider to use certain keywords at least 2-3 times in the description box and be patient! This way it will take longer time to get listed but it can be done.

Alternate for rankings: Reviews and comments

How much people are talking about your app in the comments section is closely monitored by Google. Reviews and social signals also help you get higher ranks. If the comments have certain keywords like “this is the best racing game”, Google will automatically list your app as per those keywords (racing game, best racing game, racing and game and all other combinations).

One important tip

Here is a very important tip, please do not try and get fake reviews and comments as Google has a very advanced system to detect that. Your app might get suspended or even black-listed. Getting genuine reviews will be the best policy and for that you have to make a superior app.

To conclude, we would again like to mention that rankings require downloads and of course a good app product. Once you are getting great number of downloads ranking your app higher will become very easy.

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