8 Marketing Blunders made by a Game Developer

Mistakes or blunders do not happen by choice, they are a result of some shortcomings. Each and every user on iOS or Android loves gaming and apparently the number of games played across the users is huge. There are millions of games out there, but not all of them are installed. Shortcomings as we were saying result in lesser downloads. One of the biggest mistakes which is made by game developers is lack of efficient marketing.

By efficient marketing we mean choosing the right channel of marketing, targeting the right audience, right time of follow up, not investing on the unique selling point (USP), poor research, launching on too many platforms and many others. These small mistakes add up to a huge botch which eventually leads to the decline of the app’s popularity and hence user base.

In this article we will take you through the eight most common mistakes which are made by game developers and we will also help you correct them. Avoiding these mistakes will let you have a great launch and henceforth create a successful product.

  1. Research, research, research! Here is the first mistake made by developers. If you are not a keen knowledge worm, then it might be a big problem. Understanding users’ needs, competitors’ strategies and market picture will help you boost installs and have a permanent customer base. As a developer you must also work on developing revenue sources, this again requires a bit of research. The user interface of your gaming app must have a dedicated advertisement space, as ads are the primary source of revenue.


  2. Undefined target group: ask yourself, are you targeting a person who plays game to kill time or are you targeting a hardcore gamer. The target group will actually shape your game and that is pretty much obvious. We have never seen a hardcore gamer enjoying “Candy Crush” as much as “Asphalt 8”. Definition of target group is a must for any developer; iOS has more loyal users than Android mainly because of the usability and hardware configuration.
  3. Uniqueness will make you stand out: time and again we have read this, “why fit in when you are meant to stand out”. The unique selling proposition of a product makes it different in a sea of other similar products. Developers tend to miss out on the USP of their gaming apps and end up creating a monotonous game. The best of example for such poor development is racing games. Almost all racing games have the same interface; this is why people download only the top rated ones. You must make it unique by adding a unique screenplay, controls and other effects.
  4. The one and only factor: You have just hit the market, your game looks good, but now you want to take it to the next level and you end up making your app a cross platform one. This looks great but in reality makes a developer lose his vision. Unity application makes it super easy for a developer to develop a multi platform game and thus it becomes ardent to follow the specifics of one particular OS. iOS users are ready to pay for games whereas Android users hardly play paid games. It is better to choose one platform and work on it as per the revenue requirements.
  5. Advertisements are a must: if you have developed a premium game then it’s a big ‘No’! If you are someone who has made a cheaper not so premium game then ads become highly important. 90-95% of the users hardly pay for simple games; therefore, it becomes very important to have a regular source of income. Advertisements help in to bring a good amount of revenue.
  6. Trial and error phase: with this we mean having a soft launch. As a developer you must take absolute care of launching your game with a few trails and errors. Getting the right advertisements, hitting the right audience, garnering a few investors and having sufficient number of downloads accumulate to a soft launch. If your soft launch shows no errors then you can easily proceed with a complete product launch.


  7. Having a strong core: we have seen many developers not strengthening their core in one particular genre. They keep on shifting from one genre to another; this is the reason where they end up building a week foundation. One must primarily grab all the opportunities to improve mechanics, UI, user pool and mitigate all the errors.
  8. Having a poor marketing budget: lastly, the most common mistake we see with new developers is that they do not have a strong marketing budget. Maximum of the funds are directed to sound, design and programming. One must understand that marketing will result in successful turnovers and installs, thereby setting aside a good portion of funds for this activity is a must.

Well, these were the most common shortcomings which we have seen with new developers over the years. Marketing is the most important tool to have a successful establishment. Something which sounds as easy as gaming also requires a great amount of marketing skills and knowledge.

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